If you direct deposited money in FTX in the last 60 days, you can phone your bank and tell them you want a refund according to Section E of CFPB Regulations, and the bank can not refuse.

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Not sure how many of you this would help, but figured I’d post it just in case. Silvergate, the payment processor FTX used, would pay for the refund. They took the risk, so it’s on them to refund. This will help keep those deposits out of the bankruptcy fiasco. I didn’t know this until I saw it earlier today on Bloomberg.

This is for the US, so FTX US, but I assume other countries most likely have similar laws. Here is the link to the CFPB site so you can check it out for yourself if you want to. I hope everyone involved in all of this gets the best possible outcome. Crypto has been crazy lately, stay strong all. Enjoy the weekend.


Edit. Silvergate, not silverfish

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