Straight from Consensus 2022, Rachel Wolfson is interviewing Adam Dell, CEO of Domain Money. Rachel and Adam will go through several topics, such as digital assets and their future, the company’s portfolio, how to be optimistic during a crypto winter, what to expect from Domain Money and more. Tune in! 0:00 Intro
0:37 What is the goal behind the company?
1:34 What is the background of the team behind Domain?
3:02 What does Domain’s portfolio look like?
3:22 How important is it that institutions get involved in crypto?
4:48 Is crypto the future of money?
5:14 Is blockchain a great way for international transactions?
6:01 What is your opinion of the recent regulations on crypto?
7:19 How optimistic are you about crypto during the crypto winter?
8:13 What can we expect next from Domain?
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