If there’s a Zombie Attack, John McAfee’s got your back. A few hours ago, the well-known cybersecurity and crypto influencer published a partial white paper for Zombie Coin, a project that claims to be investigating the nature of Zombies and their interactions with human beings.

If you have any doubt about the project despite being supported by McAfee, don’t worry: Even he accepted his incredulity. McAfee’s words in the Whitepaper were crystal clear:

This is the most absurd concept in the history of crypto. By no light of rational reasoning could this project be viewed as anything other than pie in the sky fantasy/horror from the mind of a mentally deficient four year old.

McAfee Makes a Case for Zombie Coin

Such a bold statement does not in any way help with Zombie Coin’s credibility; however, the team is dead serious about it, enough to pay McAfee A LOT of money upfront to write the Whitepaper.

I, John McAfee, was retained by South China Zombie Research Centre to author a white paper for their ILO (Initial License Offerings). I was paid a ridiculously large amount of money – upfront – for me to take on this project. The amount of cash up front that I was paid was $4.5 million usd. In addition, I demanded and received 20% of their entire intended issuance of coins.

Truth be told, despite his disbelief, McAfee struggled but could come up with a case about the possibility that zombies exist. He explained that there’s a bacterium (a Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus) which causes symptoms similar to those of a Zombie. Besides, he mentions that drug dealers have synthesized a drug called Flakka, which makes people want to eat human flesh, while Krokodil (a deadly but cheap alternative to heroin) causes human skin to rot.

“What if some laboratory managed to create a drug that combined the effects of Flakka and Krokodil,” explains McAfee, while appealing to the reasonable doubt “Would you not then have a single drug that created zombie looking people who acted like zombies?”

Trade With Humans… And Zombies… On the Blockchain

How can the Zombie Coin save us from a Zombie Apocalypse? The Whitepaper doesn’t explain it. “This is a preliminary white paper, with no real meat,” McAfee says, however, since the project was announced, a series of tweets can give us a rough idea.

Apparently, the South China Zombie Research Center is developing a token that will be accepted by humans and zombies. In case of an attack, a person could give a zombie tokens to save their life.

The project also ensures that it is training zombies to learn how to trade with cryptocurrencies 

If after all the laughs, you still have doubts about this investment; McAfee shows you the two sides of the coin

Even if someone held a gun to my head, I could not muster any statement more positive than: DO NOT INVEST IN THIS SHITCOIN! Under any circumstances, at any time for any reason. Only an idiot would consider, even under conditions involving the most extreme warping of reality, investing in this coin or any offshoot of this abomination!

However, if zombies do exist, McAfee argues CZcoin, “may be the most important, most human critical project on the planet.”

In the end, do not invest more than you can afford to lose, especially if you are considering CZCoin to diversify your blockfolio


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