As I said last time, Bitcoin is confirmed to be in a bull market, in my opinion as a non financial advisor, and in this simple — maybe completely incorrect — view. The data shows this to be the case. Don’t just take my word for it. Look at the charts and the wonderful little fact that there has never been 3 months of consecutive price growth in bitcoin, that were not part of a bull run cycle. So what does that mean? How does this all fit in the marketing timelines of bitcoin, alt cryptocurrencies and the blockchain? Blockchain marketer Yasha Harari explains on this edition of Crypto Marketing Insights . About this Episode’s Missing Minutes: Aaaaaaand … It’s gone! No, seriously, YouTube’s livestreaming function has been cutting off videos before they are actually over. Pages seen in this video: – Coin Market Cap – BLX on TradingView – Bitcoin’s Long Term Chart Could Change Everything – Alessio Rastani (YouTube) – Adventures With Krown – April 29, Weekly Recap – Krown’s Crypto Cave (YouTube) – Yasha Harari’s YouTube Channel ————- Useful Cryptocurrency Exchange Links: Want to Open an Account and trade on Binance cryptocurrency exchange? Visit: Looking for an easy way to start buying crypto’s biggest coins? Visit Coinbase at: ————- Are you looking for a secure way to store your crypto? Have you read any good, independent reviews of the best, most secure, and most popular hardware wallets on the market? Read this Authoritative Review of the Trezor One: Get a Trezor wallet directly from Trevor’s Shop: Read this Authoritative Review of the Ledger Nano S: Get a Ledger wallet directly from Ledger’s Shop: ————- – Yasha Harari’s Patreon Page Follow my Marketing Agency on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: For more about marketing, or to acquire world class marketing services, visit ————-