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This is a sponsored article provided by Money20/20.

The phrase “Money makes the world go ’round” speaks to the importance and essential nature of money in everyday life. 

Today, massive changes tied to global payments markets are fundamentally reshaping how the world transacts, borrows and moves money. These emerging trends signify the central theme of Money20/20, a popular financial conference set to take place from October 27 to 30, 2019, at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. 

This four-day event will feature a broad cross section of high-profile speakers specializing in payments, banking, fintech and financial services. Through educational sessions and networking discussions, thought leaders, visionaries and innovators will converge around a broad spectrum of interests to explore fresh approaches for how money is transacted. 

“Money20/20 creates valuable conversations by bringing together a massive community of innovators and leaders in fintech and financial services,” Sanjib Kalita, editor in chief of Money20/20, said. “This connection of people, ideas and companies have proven invaluable in moving the industry forward.” 

Where Blockchains and Money Collide

Blockchain technology’s rapid emergence in the world of payments and cryptocurrency will undoubtedly be top-of-mind among many conference attendees.

“Cryptocurrency and blockchain have been on an intense roller coaster ride the past few years,” said Kalita, who, in addition to his work with Money20/20, is the founder and CEO of Guppy, a credit bureau built on blockchain technology. “As a blockchain founder myself, I can personally attest to the challenge of staying abreast of the latest trends.”

Among the many educational offerings at the conference, there will be eight track sessions focused on blockchains and cryptocurrency, featuring speakers from companies large and small and across various geographies. 

By way of example, in a session entitled “Combatting Global Poverty via Blockchain and Financial Inclusion,” panelists will share ideas on how they’re “leveling the playing field” to ensure greater financial access to all. This involves shifting control of the user’s information from large centralized institutions to the user themselves. 

“I’m moderating one of those sessions in addition to leading our blockchain meetup, a discussion group of experts, enthusiasts and interested newbies tasked with exploring what’s going on in the industry,” said Kalita. “Because the latter is an open forum, everyone who attends will have the opportunity to have their voice heard.”

Kalita believes there are a ton of sessions over the four-day slate that promise to be exciting and interesting. In particular, he cites a presentation from David Marcus of Facebook, who will be speaking about the digital currency project Libra. He says he’s also looking forward to hearing Charles Schwab speak about how he built the business that shares his name. 

“I think in general, there’s a sense that the money industry ecosystem is questioning itself about what really matters and what will have an impact,” Kalita said. “This shifts the philosophy from letting a thousand flowers bloom, to what are the few trees to anchor a new forest.”

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