0:00 – Collaboration Series Continues
0:15 – Jordan Wirsz Intro
0:57 – Real Estate Outlook
5:45 – Real Cycles 11:58 – Real Deals
16:40 – Real Data 22:45 – Interesting Rates 29:39 – Rent Crash Own
35:15 – North Idaho Wars
40:50 – Real Estate Signs 54:08 – Closing Thoughts
56:36 – Outro It is time to continue with our collaboration series! However, this time we find ourselves venturing out of the cryptoverse and into the real estate verse. We bring on an expert in real estate, Jordan Wirsz, who has a ton of experience in the real estate market. Jordan talks us through the state of the current real estate market, where we are likely heading over the next few years, and opportunities that may arise. Subscribe to Jordan: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/jordanwirsz
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