In this episode of Crypto Marketing Insights, I present my personal, non-sponsored review of the Trading Armour A Plus, Trading Armour B and Trading Armour SR (Support & Resistance) indicators available for free on TradingView, at: The maker of the scripts is: Gursharan (on TradingView) There is also a BTC address there in the description of the indicators, which lets you donate to the maker of the scripts, if you want. Join the Trading Armour Discord at: ERRATUM: I did not correctly mention the following in the video, so here’s the correct information I should have said:
When the Sell signal appears and sideways moment pushes the price up with almost small flat candles. That time price hovers between strong SR on Armour SR.
That time people need to see Armour B waves to close their long or short entries when white wave is hidden.
If you’re not closing your position, then you are trying to outsmart Armour B Blue and white waves, which is bad for your trading portfolio. Again, this is Not Financial Advice! Just my opinion based on my own research into the indicators, and I post it here on youtube, for your information and entertainment online. Feel free to share this video and of course please leave a comment below if you have any questions, comments, ideas, etc. about these indicators.