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Cryptocurrencies are now being used to feed the birds. Anonymous Youtuber went live on Youtube with the wallet address of Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Nano, enabling the community to donate cryptocurrency to feed the birds.

Feed Bird Via Crypto Donation

A YouTuber with the account name “Mr.Dove” started live-streaming the bird feeder video on August 05, 2019, asking users to feed the birds with cryptocurrency. As the video is still live, users can send 0.5 USD in BTC, LTC, DOGE or NANO to the respective addresses mentioned in the description. He/She/They (behind the Youtube account) also included the link of QR code’s image to enable users to quickly scan and donate the cryptocurrency.

The Youtuber is reportedly based out in Europe, Slovakia (Urban area) who claimed that he himself release food every hour regardless of donation received. It seems that the YouTuber tries to resolve all possible queries that a donor might have. On “how the crypto donation works”, he writes;

If you send 0.5 USD in cryptocurrency to one of the addresses above, the local computer will get instant notification from service (or from NANO node ( – depend on received currency). After that, the program sends a request to Arduino ESP8266 (located on the feeder) to release food.

Bitcoin – At the moment, Bitcoin donation address has received a total of 34 transactions amounting to 0.00162388 BTC.

Litecoin – Litecoin’s total received balance counts to 0.1184015 LTC which was made with 10 transactions out of 23 transactions at the press time. Other 13 transactions are still showing pending status.

Dogecoin – As for Dogecoin, the total donations received was 1,688 DOGE, completed in 8 transactions

NANO – Interestingly, donations in the less known token NANO was received in a total of 161 transactions. This amount to 86.509933 NANO tokens but all these transactions are pending at the moment.

With above-given data, its quite surprising that the donors are pretty interesting to donate funds in altcoins such as NANO than donating via the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. This might be because Nano Blockchain is cheaper than the other cryptocurrencies.

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